Wednesday, October 31, 2018

The Absolutely Essential Fly Fishing Accessories Guide

If you're trying to experience the best fly fishing in the world, you need the right fly rod, the right flies and, the right fly fishing apparel and tools. The following accessories will turn your trip into an absolute success.

SUNGLASSES - Proper eye protection makes it easier to stand in a stream or pond all day, casting away. Generally speaking, polarized sunglasses work best: they block out the most amount of potentially fatiguing UV rays.
FISHING VEST - Hauling a bulky fly fishing tackle box in and out of the stream can be incredibly annoying. A fishing vest can help you hold all your flies closer to hand: simply spread them through multiple small tackle boxes and fill the various pockets of your vest with them.
NON SLIP BOOT PADS - Standing in a stream can be relatively dangerous if you should slip and fall on the rocks. Installing non-slip boot pads to the bottom of your boots will give them the extra traction and grip they need to ensure a successful and safe fly fishing experience.
TYING AND CLIPPING TOOLS - Dealing with the difficulties of fly line requires a wide range of tools, some of which will help you tie while others will help you clip. Good fly line tools to include in a small tackle box include clippers, hemostat (for removing flies), a nail-knot tool, and even a small pair of scissors.

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